Les Grandes Pêcheries
Aerodrome Val de Vienne
Responsible: Marc POLLIN
Frequently ask questions
  • What are the annual condominium fees ?
To cover the annual cost of maintenance for the landing strips and roads, as well as permanent infrastructures (aeronautic infrastructure including fuel station), condominium fees are estimated at € 1200 per owner per year.
  • Who owns the landing strip and who can use it ?
The landing strip is jointly owned by the condominium (all owners) and is part of the common areas.
It can be used by the owners and their guests.
  • Will there be an aviation fueling station ?
Yes, it will be situated at the north-west corner of the landing strip, not far from the entrance to the air park (see ground plan).
Available fuels will include AVGAS initially, and at a later date, depending on requests expressed by co-owners, tanks will be installed for UL91 (the new ULM fuel) and JET A1.
An automatic fuel dispenser with credit card payment will be installed.
  • What kind of aircraft are authorized in the air park ?
Planes, ULM, 3 axes , ultralight trikes, autogiros, motor gliders, helicopters (on the condition that they use the airstrips for rotary wings. Landing and takeoff from a private lots will be subject to approval from GREENAIRPARK).
  • Do you have to be a pilot and own a plane to buy a plot ?
You do not necessarily have to be a pilot or on the plane to by a plot, but the purpose of GREENAIRPARK is naturally to serve the users of lightweight aircraft and ULMs.
Therefore, it is important that each purchaser, if he or she is not yet a pilot or owner of a plane, plan to eventually practice this activity in order to guarantee the coherence of the project.
  • If I am arriving from outside of France, is a stopover in a customs aerodrome required ?
It is only required for planes coming from countries that are not part of the Schengen Area. However, we are currently in negotiation with customs authorities and air and border police to see whether planes coming from Great Britain could be exempt from this requirement if they maintain an aircraft movement log that is made available to the authorities. This type of exemption already exists for the Vendée Air Park.
  • Can I practice aerobatics ?
A vertical aerobatics axis is registered on the aeronautical maps. Practicing aerobatics is open to everyone, but specific time slots for the use of this axis will be defined in the co-owners regulations, for the benefit of co-owners, as well as for other local inhabitants.
  • Is there a flying school on aerodrome ?
No, because the authorities do not authorize a flying school on a private aerodrome.
There are several flying schools at neighboring locations.
  • Are there shops and services nearby ?
The village of Availles-Limouzine, 3 km from Greenairpark, has all necessary basic shops: bakery, butcher, corner grocery store, newspapers (in English !!!). There is also a hair salon, a post office, a bank and a market every Thursday morning, as well as a garage with gas station.
  • How far is the nearest health-care facility ?
There is one doctors’ office in Availles-Limouzine, as well as a pharmacy.
In the town of Confolens, 9 miles away, there is a hospital; in Poitiers, 45 miles away, there is a University Hospital Center (CHU).
  • How far are the nearest primary and secondary schools ?
There is a primary school in Availles-Limouzine, and secondary schools can be found in the towns of Confolens and L’Isle Jourdain, approximately 9 miles away.
  • Can I rent out my house ?
Yes, of course, there's no problem with that.
Les Grandes Pêcheries
Aerodrome Val de Vienne
Responsible: Marc POLLIN